Free Suspension Trainer Muscle Building Workout – Intermediate Level

trx-workout-freeEvery one wants a free workout. It’s just hard to find a well structured workout that involves a suspension trainer like TRX, and one that is FREE.

Of course you get free workout programs when you purchase the TRX, but this is for all those who want something new and for those who use suspension trainers.

Side note – Results vary depending on variable factors such as your diet, rest, sleep and your commitment to be consistent with your workout for 30 days each!

Additional note: Some exercises do not require the use of a TRX. Do not get upset about that. Some things are better left to be performed individually.

Start with a basic warm-up.

30 seconds of each exercise

  • Push-ups,
  • Y-squats,
  • running in place,
  • jumping jacks

Now we get to the main Suspension trainer workout routine

3 Sets of each exercise
Rest 2-3 minutes between each set.

  1. Assisted Pistol Squats with TRX (6-8 reps)
  2. Hand stand push-ups (6-8 reps)
  3. Bulgarian Split Squats with Feet on TRX (8-12 reps)
  4. TRX Pushups + Flyes (Perform a pushup and perform a fly for each rep) (8-12 reps)
  5. TRX Chin ups / Rows (8-12 reps)

To increase difficulty

  • Add a pause for 1 to 2 seconds
  • Increase your negative by 2 to 3 seconds

What About Abs?

If you want an ab exercise to finish off with, simple add 4 sets of hanging knee raises with 2 minute rest between sets. Get yourself a pair of Ab straps to skip the forearm strength and focus fully on building those abs. Check out the recommended options at:

I wouldn’t suggest to make any changes to the rest periods as quality matters.

Rest Period

If you still wish to increase the metabolic intensity of the above workout, reduce the rest to 45-60 seconds between sets, or perform the entire routine in a circuit fashion with no-rest between sets.

Exercise Tempo

Perform the reps in a slow and controlled fashion. Use a 2-1-1 tempo by default.

1 seconds on the concentric.
1 second on the contraction.
2 second on the eccentric.

Take the pushup for example, take 2 seconds to go down, 1 second pause at the bottom, 1 second to come back up.

What about the arms – Biceps / Triceps workout

The above exercises provide your arms with enough resistance to develop and get stronger, especially the chins / rows.

If you still wish to feel the pump on your abs, add the following circuit:

a) TRX Bicep Curl – Isometric Hold – (45 – 60 seconds)
b) TRX Tricep Extension – Isometric Hold – (45 – 60 seconds)

Perform 2 sets only. Rest 3 minutes between the super set.

Isometric – hold at the contraction point for the whole 45 to 60 second period. This gives a muscle ripping pump you would go crazy over!

What about interval training / cardio?

We recommend the short and effective metabolic resistance circuit training approach. Here’s a simple but heart thumping tabata protocol you can follow for your cardio needs:

Jumping Jacks (4 rounds)
Lateral Lunges (4 rounds)
Squat Thrusts (4 rounds)
Spiderman Climb (4 rounds)

Perform each round for 20 seconds with a 10 second rest. Thats a total 12 minute interval training workout you got there.

Take longer rest if needed. Do not kill yourself over the interval training aspect. You will get endurance with time.

Cheers and enjoy your free suspension trainer workout!

Learn About Suspension Training Fitness

A1Since it was developed for the military officers to train in the field, the training is all the rage.the suspension training bears a lot of benefits compared to the other types of train since it requires small space, it is cheap and it highly delivers. In these days of prime workouts for strengthening, the training will standout.

The training consists of straps, two of them, that hangs from the upper limit of a room.Attaching the straps will be easy because the TRX can be suspended at any place be it a frame for door or even a tree in the park.Against the moving straps will the suspension trainee hold himself or herself.With this they can readily perform a number of exercises such as squats, planks, pikes as well as rows. Stabilizing the suspension straps becomes the core work of the client. Similar idea of working used in the gymnastic rings for men is used in the training program meaning it’s a workout for the whole body. Since it constitute various workouts such as lower body, shoulders, abs, back, as well as arms, the Jungle Gym XT is an overall workout for the body.


If you are among those people who are still going to the gym in the old way and having no or little results, then you might consider examining your strategy and should consider evaluating your visit to the gym which bears little or no fruits.Trying out the TRX should be an option as it will get you out of the gym.The routine can help you cut down the calories, increasing function as well as burn more fat than any gym equipment will.Since it provides greater functionality as well as performance than all the machine for exercise, suspension training is the best way of training due to it utilizing the body weight you have.Another benefit of using this type of training is that it is flexible and you won’t have to go to the gym room since you can have it in your house, outdoors or move with it as you go on a vacation.


The suspension straps have attached grips to ensure that your workout session is made easier. In order to ensure that the attachment to the place you want be it a wall, fence or tree is an easy process, then these suspension straps (Check out Woss Attack Suspension Trainer if you are on a budget) have a unique design to ease this.In order to ensure that you can perform very many routine exercises with the same equipment for the whole body, then consider using the suspension cords training.This type of exercise have become popular among many people who are in fitness or fat loosing strategy since it delivers credible results.

The suspension has very many pros such as being usable at any place on a small place and it is also easy to move around with.You are not required to have a fancy gym or a center for fairness where you can train with the straps.

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Explanations Why You Should Go For Home Suspension Trainer

A17Keeping your body fit and health should be your first priority so that you can be able to keep your body health all the time. You should get a better method of keeping yourself fit and more benefits will be on your side. You should make good use of all fitness tools available in order for you to be able to achieve all what you want in an amazing way.

You should ensure that you have bought the best home suspension trainer if you want to achieve all of your lose weight goals in an easy manner. You will always remain in a perfect body condition if you ensure that you are using the right home suspension trainer with a good printable trx workout chart  as it is required all the time. Home suspension trainer is a type of equipment that will help you be able to work out on your body fitness activities at your own home with no any type of inconvenience.

There are very many advantages that you will enhance if you make good use of the best home suspension trainer all the time. You should not worry about home suspension trainer cost because you can get them at any time you want with a realistic price. Any individual is able to make good use of cheap TRX alternative available in the market that can be operated with no hassle.

You will be able to enhance the kind of fitness you are looking for if you buy the best and right home suspension trainer. You should also keep in mind that home suspension trainer is one of the easiest workouts and that is one of many reasons why you are usually advised to go for. If you want to gain the best fitness and be fit all the time, make sure that you are using the correct home suspension trainer in your regular intervals.

You should also know that home suspension trainer is appropriate for people of all age, sex or fitness level. You will experience a lot of settlements if you make sure that you are using the best and right home suspension trainer at your home. Keep in mind that home suspension trainer is that type of equipment that increases sport performance at a great level.
With the help of home suspension trainer you will be able to generate and build excellent muscular balance, mobility, joint stability and many more. You will be able to perfume better in sports and also in physical activities if you make good use of home suspension trainer in your regular basis.

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The Following Are The Gains Of Suspension Equipment

A11.PNGKeeping fit has been the answer to many cries of unhealthy bodies. Many people keep their bodies fit, there are those that go for morning runs while others visit the gym centre. Things are a little different for the people that choose the gym. Those that choose to use the gym have many types of equipment’s at their disposal, each having its own set of gains and drawbacks.Most people don’t know about the suspension training equipment. It consists of ropes that simply suspend you to the air, this helps to keep your muscles intent. For those people that choose to use the equipment, the following are the gains of using it.

Anybody can try it out, your level of training does not matter. Those few people that have been in a gym know perfectly well that not all equipment’s there can be used by just anybody, for instance, the weights. You reach a certain level to use them. The case is not the same when you choose the suspension equipment; you can even use it on the first day you arrive at the gym.

For those people that use many trips and still want to keep fit, this is the tool for you.As seen above, this is just a combination of two flexible bands, you can easily fold them and pack them for a trip. There are many people that wish to have a tool while on a trip, but they cannot do this because of the nature of the one they love.Not anymore, with the suspension tool, they are very small, they can even fit in your pockets.

There are health benefits that come with it too. There are some tools in the fitness centre that are there to build muscles, and that’s all. This is not the same with the suspension tool, the tool helps when it comes to cardiovascular endurance. This is a very important machine that helps out when it comes to fitness.

They can be used by all types of people from any kind of sports. You should know that not all equipment’s at the gym can be used by any type of person.For instance the people indulging in soft sports like swimming and football, they cannot use the machines.With the suspension tool, you can use it no matter the sport you engage in.

The chances of getting hurt from this kind of sport are minimal. There are many tools at the gym that can even kill someone, for instance the weights can kill the person they fall on instantly.This does not mean that they cannot hurt someone, it is just that they are better than all the others.

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What Advantages Does Suspension Training Offer?

A12.PNGSuspension trainers have a gym mainstay nowadays, with a promise to help build functionally sound muscle and perfect hard-to-achieve exercises. It has become increasingly popular, however, because of the concrete advantages it offers.

Requires Minimum Space and Equipment

Unlike suspension training, there is no complex or pricey equipment required by suspension training. All you need are two adjustable straps to get a total workout for all your muscles just by changing your body’s angular position.

Core Muscle Building

At the heart of suspension training is its ability to develop muscle strength and stability. And the results can come rather quickly as you focus on your core muscles. This improves your overall performance when engaging in other workouts or any rigorous physical activities.

Suspension training is actually meant to displace your center of gravity to activate your core during a workout. Your core is what keeps your body stable and balanced, and that’s why suspension training is very challenging.

Making up your core are four muscle groups formed like a cylinder around the organs of your lower body. Strengthening these muscle groups gives you greater overall strength and stability in your back, shoulders, chest, arms and down to your legs. This gives you one of the best foundations for other forms of exercises.

Greater Mobility and Flexibility

As it targets core muscles, suspension training allows other areas of the body to develop more mobility. The mobile nature of each routine is also helpful in terms of promoting better overall health, bone and muscle structure, and posture. Moreover, with the workout’s highly targeted and effective stretching routines, blood flow is increased, flexibility is improved, and post-workout muscle stiffness is reduced.

Higher Muscle Endurance

One of the most important advantages of suspension fitness training is how it encourages long-term fitness through muscle endurance. More muscle endurance means you will be able to perform for extended periods without getting muscle fatigue. Thus, you gain strength and also perform better on other workouts.

Enhanced Balance

Balance has a big role to play for anyone using a suspension trainer. While it’s something newbies often struggle with, it’s what gives them a stronger and more stable core. Creating resistance using our own body weight allows us to develop smaller supporting muscles such that coordination and balance are improved.

Suspension training involves performing certain movements as your arms hang from straps over your head. Doing one movement like this will be totally different from doing it on the floor. Suspension training challenges your body to stay in balance and control as you try to perform each maneuver.

Your Everywhere Gym

Lastly, as suspension training depends on our own body for resistance, we can go anywhere we want and take the gym with us. Of course, that also means you spend so much less on your fitness. Claim your suspension training offer now!

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How Suspension Training Can Benefit Your Body


One can achieve unilateral training when they do suspension training and this enables them to have strength in all areas of the body. Suspension training will help you gain strength in your shoulders, arms, and legs. One is able to avoid injuries as they train when they do suspension training because it has a low impact on joints.

When one does suspension training, it is beneficial to the core and it helps the spine to stay aligned throughout. A benefit of suspension training is that one gets a good posture and avoids back pain in the process. It also contributes to good nervous system health for people who do the exercises.

Exercising the core normally provides strength and stability for other muscles in the body. Toning of limbs and building of mass can be achieved when one does suspension fitness training. Suspension training is good for building endurance as one does their exercise workouts. Using suspension training can contribute towards balance and coordination.

Suspension workouts can be cheaper than attending gyms. People who want to continue their exercise regimen can carry their suspension workout equipment and use it wherever they go. One may be able to get more out of their suspension workout equipment when they increase the tension of their equipment. One should be able to consider flexibility as they do suspension training and this is why they should get equipment that has adjustable straps.

One can change their exercise workouts by using suspension training to see how it will suit them. Suspension workout equipment is portable and light to carry around. Since there are many varieties of suspension workout equipment, a person can easily find what is suitable for their workout routine.

The cost of buying suspension workout equipment is low compared to buying expensive and heavy gym equipment. The space required to setup suspension workout equipment is small compared to other gym equipment. This makes it suitable for people with a small apartment or small houses.

You would of course need a strong door or a wall hook to hold the suspension trainer. We decided to opt for a chin up bar to mount on the wall to be used as a pole to hold the suspension straps and we’ve never looked back – You can learn more about other options by reading this post: Best Pull Up Bar & Dip Station – Top 3 Recommendations

Suspension training is also time-efficient for those who use it for their exercise regimen. Those who do not wish to do suspension training in their homes can do it as a group activity. This can be useful in the beginning in order to learn the exercises that one should do when using the suspension workout equipment.

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